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Anatomy of a Garage Door

There are over 65 individual structural and operational components in a modern garage door. Their design and material strength should not be a secret.

Just as all automobiles are not created equally, there are considerable differences in the construction of garage doors. Variations in material and design impact the quality of a garage door.

Garage Door Diagrams

Spec Sheets

Although a glance at a products warranty may offer some indication of quality, the best way to know a garage door is to compare the design and gauge* of its steel components. The strength and durability of your door is a function of these attributes. MAC is confident that our doors are second to none.  Because you shouldn’t have to take our word for it, we provide a data spec sheet for each CHI door we offer.

*Gauge: A standard measurement of steel weight or thickness. This measurement is sometimes confused as the lower the gauge number the heavier the steel. ( i.e. 14 gauge is stronger than 18 gauge)